About Me

I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1986. Afterwards I moved to England, then Canada, Spain, Los Angeles, and finally back to Rotterdam for my studies in 2006. I studied International Business and Management at Rotterdam University with a focus on marketing and change management, completed a Logistics internship in Doha, Qatar for the primeur flower importer, Plaza Hollandi, in 2010, and started working for Apple as a store manager in 2012. Concurrently I had been busy with creating plans for different businesses and one of them Club Tracker, was starting to take off. In the meantime I’ve been busy with project management for a variety of different companies, and focusing on bringing my creative and business skills together to stimulate innovation.

Living in Los Angeles sparked my interest in film, and coming from a background with two parents who were both actors, I felt intrigued by the other side of the camera. I was very interested in production, and am soon going to be releasing my first short film, Luna (2016), co-written and staring my brother Sam Forrest.